Double Stage Dust Collector

Dust Collector

Double Stage


Two Stage Dust Collectors have more longevity and requires less frequent cleaning compared to Single Stage Dust Collector. Only finer dusts pass through the blower impeller and are collected in the filter bag in this process, where more heavy dusts are first collected in the drum by cyclonic action (second stage). The abrasive action of dusts on the impeller and casing that causes blower imbalance is much less significant than it would be with a single stage dust collector because the majority of the dusts are collected in the drum before blower entry. Air Mech dust collectors are constructed to the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, and security. observing all international and national standards. For greater portability and longer life, all of our portable dust collectors come with industrial grade castor wheels.

Two Stage Dust Collector

Power : From 2 HP to 20 HP
Permeability : 0.5 to 5 microns
MOC: Mild Steel, S.S. Construction available on request
Power option : Three Phase, with single phase option for lower power units

  • Aluminium Duct / G.I. Duct
  • Flexible duct
  • Duct clamp
  • Dust collection drum
  • Suction hoods
  • Dampers
  • Filter bags
  • Slide gate
  • Y splitter

Our Dust Collector has found its predominant utility as:

  • Radial Arm Saw Dust Collector
  • Table Saw Dust Collector
  • Circular Saws Dust Collector
  • Swing Saw Dust Collector
  • Band Saw Dust Collector
  • Disc Sander Dust Collector
  • Drum Sander Dust Collector
  • Jointer Dust Collector
  • Belt Sander Dust Collector
  • Lathe Dust Collector
  • Planer Dust Collector
  • CNC Router Dust Collector

and many more

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