Chemical Industry​

Centrifugal Blowers serve as auxiliary equipment for various machineries.

Turbo Blowers or side channel blowers help maintain the air flow within aeration tanks. Ring Blowers can also be used for pneumatic conveying applications.

We offer fume extraction systems that help remove fumes from work / processing area and provide better operational environment.

Air Curtain can be utilised to obstruct and reduce external air interference with the desired air conditions.

Axial Fans help maintain desired air flow in pharmaceutical industry also  helps improve ventilation within the premises.

Cassette Filter


We offer a wide range of PRE / POLICE / HEPA filters in cassette and cartridge from factor suitable for chemical plants.

Air Knife System can be utilised for stream drying and blowing off water over vials, bottles, packaged and finished goods.

Dust Collector helps in separating dust and reutilising raw material. Dust Collection System help maintain dust free environment within the premises.

Fume Scrubber help clean the air of the impurities from various chemical processes before releasing back to the environment.