Air Knife

Air Knife

ITD Series Air Knife with Ring Blower


Air Mech offers a large selection of air knives and components that have been precisely engineered. Our Air Knives deliver effective, laminar airstreams that enable the broadest range of applications, from cooling and air curtains to drying and blow-off. You can deliver the ideal air for your process using our air components, which are available in a variety of configurations and material choices. Additionally, you can combine our air knives, blowers, and enclosures or shields to produce an all-inclusive, world-class solution for your project!

Air Knife Manufacturer Vasai

Our  Features:

  • Direct drive Induction Motor
  • High Velocity 
  • Low maintenance
  • Industrial quality
    Compact in size
  • Bottle drying air knife system
  • PCB circuit board hole cleaning
  • PCB circuit board cleaning and drying
  • Produce drying
  • Debris Blow off
  • Liquid blow off
  • Food packages drying
  • Mechanical parts drying
  • Machined parts drying
  • Battery Drying

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