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Dust Collector



The simplest and least expensive of our available industrial dustcollectors, single stage portable dust collectors are primarily used in the woodworking industry and are also known as wood dust collectors. Wood chips and dusts should be collected and handled carefully in wood shops and other woodworking industries.
The crucial step in designing a suitable dust collection system for the woodworking industry depends on the quantity of machines, the dust loads, the hood and duct designs, the required duct velocity, etc. All Apzem dustcollectors are constructed to the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, and security. observing all international and national standards. Other Apzem Cartridge, Cyclone, and Bag Filter dustcollectors can be configured for your wood dust control applications in addition to our portable single stage wood dustcollectors.

Power : From 0.5 HP to 15 HP
Permeability : 0.5 to 5 microns
MOC: Mild Steel
Power option : Single phase & 3 Phase

Flexible duct
Duct clamp
Dust collection drum
Suction hoods
Filter bags
Filter canister
Slide gate
Y splitter

Our Dust Collector has found its predominant utility as:

  • Radial Arm Saw Dust Collector
  • Table Saw Dust Collector
  • Circular Saws Dust Collector
  • Swing Saw Dust Collector
  • Band Saw Dust Collector
  • Disc Sander Dust Collector
  • Drum Sander Dust Collector
  • Jointer Dust Collector
  • Belt Sander Dust Collector
  • Lathe Dust Collector
  • Planer Dust Collector
  • CNC Router Dust Collector

and many more

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