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Preventive Maintenance
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We at Air Mech Industrial Technologies understand every application is different and requires unique approach to cater its problems; based on the size, structure, process carried out at a facility and as per clients requirement we provide customised solution that is designed to improve the work environment by reducing dust, transferring material, extracting and treating pollutants.
We always make an attempt to offer cost saving solutions to suit our clients needs and save money in the long run. We achieve this by providing

  • Efficient exhaust systems
  • Avoid duct pressure losses
  • Capture pollutants at source where ever possible
  • Right size extraction and collection system
  • Returning filtered air to avoid heat losses

If you are setting up a new facility or trying to improve an existing one we can guide and aid you every step of the way by evaluating your setup and provide custom solutions. Contact us today to know how we can assist you achieve a better working environment.


Your machine is not performing as it used to maintenance cost getting to high for the machine, get it checked by our expert. We offer repair and replacement service for our blowers, dust collectors, fume extractors and their consumables.

Preventive Maintenance

Air Mech Industrial Technologies provides local preventive maintenance service for a quick and cost effective maintain your Fume Extraction and Dust Collection equipments.
Ask yourself; who is best qualified to perform preventive maintenance of your Air Mech Industrial Technologies  equipments. As  manufacturer and experienced service provider we can provide the best service in most timely and cost effective manner.
Not withing our vicinity, we got you covered as well, you can give us connect with us to discuss your best possible options for maintenance of your equipment.

We offer:

  • Preventive check up
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Part replacement
  • Inspection of system
  • Functional & performance check
  • Consumables replacement


Our trained technicians are very well experienced to carry our an extensive testing of your system and check for any complications with the functioning of the system. We offer

Air quality monitoring | Functional Testing |Performance testing



We offer a wide range of air movement and pollution control products, our entire range is listed on PRODUCTS page.

Impeller Balancing

Your blower is making too much noise?
Performance of your blower has reduced?
Get your impeller balanced and give your blower some extra life.