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Plug Fans combine versatility and compact design to lower overall system costs in applications where the system plenum serves as the fan housing. This is done while maintaining operational efficacy levels that are almost on par with those of conventional housed fan equipment. The Plug Fan eliminates the need for ductwork connections and allows assembled units to be installed to any well-supported plenum wall thanks to its mounting panel. These plug-in fans are perfect for supply, exhaust, or recirculating-air applications because they are literally plugged into the system.

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Air Flow: Up to 50000 m3/hr.

Plug Fans from Air Mech have found its applications with OEM's as

  • • Centrifugal Blower/Industrial Blower
    • Boiler ID Fan
    • ID blower
    • Combustion blower for furnace
    • Combustion blower for cupola furnace
    • Combustion blower for rolling mill
    • Centrifugal Blower for dust collector
    • SISW Fan
    • SISW Blower
    • DIDW Fan
    • DIDW Blower
    • FD Fan
    • FD Blower
    • Forced Draft Blower
    • Induced Draft Blower
    • Hot air circulator blower
    • plug fan
    • Plug Blower
    • Multi Vapor Recompression Fan (MVR Blower)
    • Customized Blower
    • Blowers For Dryer
    • Pneumatic Conveying Blower
    • Water Jacketed Bearing Block
    • Suction blower
    • High Pressure Blower
    • Exhaust Blower
    • Back Ward Curved Blower
    • Airfoil Blower
    • Radial Blower
    • Low Pressure Blower
    • Medium Pressure blower
    • Centrifugal Blower for Bag Filter

Air Mech offers Plug fans in following drive configurations:

  • Directly Driven Plug Fan
  • Indirect Belt & Pulley Drive Plug fan
  • Indirect Coupling Drive Plug Fan

We offer our blowers as:

  • Stainless Steel Plug Fan
  • Mild Steel Plug Fan
  • FRP Plug Fan
  • MS with FRP Plug Fan

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