Welding is one of the most commonly practiced industrial processes to join metals. Welding process liberates various toxic fumes and gases such as Nitrous Oxide (NOx), Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2) Ozone (O3) and many more.

These gases are not always visible nor possess detectable odour, but when inhaled can cause following diseases:

  • Occupational Asthma
  • Lung Infection
  • Metal Fume Fever
  • Irritation of Throat and Lungs
  • Reduced Lung function
  • Cancer

Welding Environment

Working environment must be well ventilated.
Welding should be avoided in confined and locked spaces.
Breathing masks / respirators must be used by Welders if and when required.
Fume extraction and filtration system should be used to avoid health and environmental hazard.


Welding fumes must be stopped from reaching operators breathing zone to ensure safety of the operator / welder.
Welding fumes must be captured at its source to ensure maximum protection. Most industrial welding applications ensure liberty of capturing welding fumes at the source of generation.
Sometimes it is practically not possible to capture welding fumes at its source due to its application, in such cases air filtration systems are advisable.

Our Role

Air Mech Industrial Technologies provides you with various solutions to welding problem. Our fume Extraction & Filtration systems ensure safety of the air in the working environment thus helping you increase performance and productivity.

Our Products to tackle Welding fumes:

  • Fume Extractor